About Us

Experince meets Innovation

Established in the year 2001, Origin InfoSolutions has been providing services in the IT sector to all types of clients, be it government, corporate, private or institutional. We have been providing quality services in IT infrastructure planning, software design and development, software-hardware integration, business automation, training, maintenance and end-user support.

At Origin InfoSolutions, we are constantly upgrading ourselves with the latest advancements in technology and practices, at the same time passing the benefits of our knowledge to our customers through our work. We believe in going that extra mile to make sure our clients can sit back and relax, knowing that their business processes are being driven by the best IT tools and standards.

Quality Management

What Sets Us Apart

Focused Analysis

It is said that identifying the problem is half the problem solved, and we believe it by heart. We understand that even if it seems so, requirements of no two customers are identical; each customer has its own vision, definition and objective towards business management and administration. That is why we take up each project as a fresh one and use our experience to recognize the challenges and solutions.

Efficient Design

Smart Solution Design not only involves mitigating current challenges but also recognizing potential ones. We adopt a design methodology which allows us to find and identify current and future challenges, and thereby make the solution future-proof, in terms of efficiency, scalability and upgradability, at the same time keeping an eye on the organizational culture and human resource capabilities.

On-time Delivery

Our delivery process involves readiness of infrastructure, deployment, user on-boarding, testing on the production environment, user handholding and delivery certification. Sticking to the timeline is crucial in the entire life-cycle of software development and the delivery phase is no different. We always ensure that the changeover from the old system to the new one is a pleasurable experience for everyone.

Quality Support

Every IT project requires maintenance and support, and the long-term objectives of implementing IT solutions depends heavily on the post-delivery support. We offer support services including warranty, technical and non-technical training, circumstantial and preventive maintenance, upgradation and augmentation services for all our projects, and also third party solutions under special circumstances.

Techologies We Use